You’ll get help from the start with strategy, key messages, planning and pre-filming preparation.

How We Help

Our filmmakers have extensive experience in helping organisations reach out to their audience.

We do this through inspirational and exciting storytelling, thought leadership, blogs and film production.

You’ll want a company that can back this up with a deep knowledge and understanding of communication.

We ensure your key messages reach your target audience but we also test those messages to see if they work – and we’ll tell you if they don’t!







About Us

We work closely with your team or PR agency to make sure you get your message across.

Using producers and broadcasters with wide experience of filmmaking from corporate videos to exhibition films, product launches, marketing collateral for sales teams and digital content for social media.

Whirlwind Productions make films for the more discerning clientele both in the UK and abroad.

You want a professional, affordable and quality film which will make an impact.


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Services We Offer

Video Production

There are so many reasons to have a film. It could be a corporate video to showcase your company.
A film for an exhibition or award event. It could be to demonstrate your corporate social responsibility.

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Media Training

Our media training courses are highly practical and will give you the tools you need when a journalist calls. We provide courses via our sister company whirlwindcommunications.co.uk

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Video and PR

Digital content is king. YouTube is the place where people go to find out about your organisation. If you’re not there you are missing out. But once you have had a video made don’t stop there.

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Exhibition Videos

If you are having a stand at an exhibition you will want to grab the attention of visitors.
One of the best ways is to have an exhibition video.

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Meet The Team

Our team love making videos for people like you. They’re creative filmmakers and film editors who produce stunning and imaginative videos with a clear strong message. Our producers meet with you pre-filming, help with filming briefs, storyboards and write scripts that are clear and simple.

If your interviewees are nervous – they needn’t be. We take your film seriously but work in a relaxed and friendly way. If it’s not been fun then it’s not been a Whirlwind Production.

  • As a multi-national company we wanted a film which told our story and helped people understand what we do, what we stand for and how we help. Whirlwind Productions understood the brief and worked with us every step of the way to achieve just that. John Beighton, CEO, AMCo.

  • Gail and her team did much more than produce a video. They developed our brief to ensure it covered all bases from strategy to marketing, understood the importance of making an impact externally and internally and…they’re great fun to work with! Marcus Watson, Managing Director, Ground Control

  • Gail offers the right balance of empathy, challenge and professionalism that enables us amateurs to achieve our aspirations without breaking either the bank or our spirit. Oliver O’Dell, Chief Executive, HWBIDCo Ltd (High Wycombe Business Improvement District (BID) company)