Digital content is king. YouTube is the place where people go to find out about your organisation. If you’re not there you are missing out. But once you have had a video made don’t stop there. Why not promote it? Not just through SEO but also via press releases, blogs and LinkedIn Pulse pieces too. The media are hungry for free video content so why not promote yours?

We work with either your own in house team or our trusted partner PR agency to produce and promote first class digital content, whether that is website videos, promotional films, product launches and or events. If you are having an exhibition video made then why not promote that to visitors to the show who could be potential clients.

Don’t think PR is only about press releases. Video plays an important part in PR and should be used as part of your marketing collateral. It makes sense to use it in as many ways as possible including for your sales team. Our producers are communication experts with a wide experience of the media. We can help craft your key messages and get your organisation noticed.