Media Training

Our media training courses are highly practical and will give you the tools you need when a journalist calls.

We provide courses via our sister company Whirlwind Communications

We have worked with organisations from the health service to the financial sector both in the UK and abroad. With social media playing such a big part in how journalists pull together a story, it is vital you understand how it all works.

Our trainers are experienced journalists who still work in the media. We have been on the other side when it comes to dealing with a crisis. Now we can let you know how the media behave when things go wrong and what you can do to maintain our company’s reputation in the face of a crisis. For international aid agencies we work with experienced comms officers who understand what happens on the ground and how quickly the media react.

You could be an organisation that has already had media training but want a quick refresher before a crucial interview. Speak to us about doing a run through on Skype or over the phone beforehand so we can help you with your preparation.

We also provide presentation training for companies and conferences. It isn’t always easy to stand up in front of an audience and try to get your message across in an interesting and informative way. We have worked with organisations to ensure staff don’t kill off the audience with death by Powerpoint!