Gail Downey

Gail Downey is the owner and director of Whirlwind Productions. She is an experienced TV and radio broadcaster who has covered major news stories for BBC TV and radio and ITV both nationally and in the regions. Interviewees range from Sir Bob Geldof to Nelson Mandela.

A Little About Me

Having worked as a presenter, reporter and producer, Gail uses that experience to help companies get the best out of a video production. She’ll help interviewees get their message across and create a professional image both for themselves and their organisation. Gail also provides media training – if you want a real experience of journalists – ask her and her team along. They’re firm but fair. When she isn’t directing a camera crew, producing a film or helping a client prepare for a crucial interview, Gail can be found riding horses – it is the only hacking she ever does!